Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) also known as Sandthorn and Seaberry has both female and male plants. To obtain berries bothe are necessary. The wind has an imoportant part in the furtalisitionproces.
Sea Buckthorn originates from Tibet, China, Mongolia and Souteast-Siberia. In our regions her main environment is the coastline, because she can live in the salty soil. Sea Buckthorn prefers the moisty, low humus and calciumrich sandy earth.
The berries contain about 9 times more vitamin C than citrusfruits. De berries have lots of vitamin A,B and E.
Also Sea Buckthorn contains a lot of anti-oxidants like flavonoïds, which scientists suspect to have a preventing role in cancer and cardiovasculair diseases. Sea Buckthorn also contain steroles which are supposed to play an important role in the tranmission of cholesterol from the bowels.
Special feature is that Sea Buckthorn contains a lot of vitamine B12, which otherwise only can be found in animal products (meat). The Sea Buckthorn B12 is produced by a micro-organism that lives in the seeds. Therefor Sea Buckthorn is an important ingrediënt in a vegetarian diet.
In the natural- and householdfarmacy Sea Buckthornoil has a good reputation with skin and mucous mambranes. The oil is used in dermatologic disorders (acné, psoriasis, eczema) and wounds (f.e. burningwounds).
Sea buckthorn is also well known for her high amounts of folium, which is an important nutricion before and during pregnancy.