Most fruit from the nursery is being processed to juice or jam. Frytsjam uses fructoline and organic reedsugar for sweetening. Next to that there’s a large assortment of juices and jams based on concentrated applejuice; these products fitt well into a sugarfree diet.
On demand Frytsjam can also provide products with an alternative sweetner.
The juice comes from Elderberry, Aronia, Sea Buckthorn, Red and Blue berry, Cranberry, Apples and Pears and is either pure or sweetened obtainable in 5 different measurements:

•1 liter

The juice can be purchased either pure or mixed. The Frytsjamassortment contains apple-elderberryjuice, apple-aroniajuice, apple-sea buckthornjuice and cranberryjuice.
On demand Frytsjam can also provide other types of combinations, for instance to your own ideas and taste.

The jam-assortment contains:

•Blue berry
•Dune (mix)
•Sea Buckthorn

The jam is being delivered in different kinds of packings; pots from 125-500 grams and buckets of 5 liter for backeries and hotel and cateringindustry.