At the moment all fruit from our nursery in Twijzel is being processed at our facility in the town of Dokkum. Here we make the juice, syrup and wine as well as bottling the products. Once our new facility in Twijzel is finished all production will be moved there.
Frytsjam products are marketed under the following trademarks: Waddendelicatessen, Wrâldfrucht, Frytsjam and Woudenbron. The quality of all products is garanteed by the EKO-hallmark.
Frytsjam Natuurlijk obtains raw material from from different sources throughout the Netherlands and Germany.
Our finished products are available in supermarkets such as the Poiesz Supermarkets, C-1000 supermarkets and also in Mitra liquor stores. We supply speciality shops such as nature shops, farm shops, organic webshops and tourist centres both on the main land and the Waddensea-islands.
Frytsjam also supplies restaurants throughout the country.