The elderberry (Sambucus Nigra) is an inland European shrub that was described in Ancient times as containing “magical (read: healing) powers”. In our regions Elderberry was put on the premasis, usually next to a door or window to catch (ill-making) flies (read: evil spirits and/or wiches). Elderberry blooms in may/june with large white corymbs. The berries are green at first and colouring to a purple-black. Harvest takes place from half august on. Eventhough the flowers are very popular for preparing tea, sirup and in pancakes, Frytsjam just harvests the berries, about 7 kilo’s from each schrub. The berries are being handpicked, just like the rest of the fruits in our nursery. The elderberry is used in many Frytsjamproducts; you’ll find them in the jam, sirup, wine and as dries pulp for teas.