Aronia belongs to the Rosacaea-family and origins from North America and Northern and Eastern Europe.
The dark, purple-black berries ripen in the late summer and early fall and are, being used since the old times for juice and winemaking and as a healthremedy. Today aroniajuice is especially well known as a natural colouring to give soft drinks (pops) and juices a deeper red.

Chemical analyses show very high concentrates of polyphenol, anthocyanide and proanthocyanide, all anti-oxidants and flavonoïds. These substances are assumed to be anti-inflammatory and allergy-reducing/stopping. Also they are suspected of having positive infuences on the urine tract system (protection), the bloodsystem (stimulation) and the heart (strenghtening). Scientists suspect also that anti-oxidants have a cancerstopping and cholesterolreducing function; further research is taking place.

The Aronia is genetically related to the Cranberry, but provides 5 to 10 times more anti-oxidants and is therefore anti-inflammative.
Aroniajuice and Cranberryjuice both are being used as a householdremedy in preventing and curing urinary tract infections (UTIs).