In 1995 when the first elderberryshrubs were planted, the nursery was called De Wedzekamp, refering to the land that has been family owned since the beginning of 1800 BC.
Since it started, the plantaion has grown from 0,5 to 2,5 hectares and now offers a variaty in planting. There are:

•450 elderberryshrubs
•1000 female sea buckthorntrees
•140 male sea buckthorntrees
•3500 shrubs of blue berry
•90 aronia (apple berry)

On the northern side the nursery is bordered by a string of old oaktrees and both parcels are fringed with wild thornberries.
The nursery will be open to the public starting from july 1. People interested can pick their own fruits and berries. In springtime some more fruitplants will be added to the garden, such as Sorbus and Wichters, a small native variety of prune.