Welcome to Frytsjam!

Frytsjam is an organic fruit nursery and processor of soft fruits such as berries.
The company has been managed by Mr. Oane Kloosterman since 1997 and is one of the biggest organic fruit processors in the northern part of the Netherlands.
Frytsjam is also the largest supplier and specialised producer of regional products; for instance product containing only ingredients from the Waddensea region.
You can find our company in Twijzel, a small town in the province of Friesland about 20 km south of the Waddensea.

Our organic nursery, 2,5 hectare in size, grows several varieties of berries such as elderberry, aronia (black chokeberry), blueberry and sea buckthorn.

Frytsjam turns the different variety of berries, fruits and sea vegetables from the Waddensea area into sirup, juice, jam, puree, honey, wine and vinager.
Frytsjam also supplies raw materials for mustard, mayonnaise, tea and cosmetic products.
All products are made in a traditional way and are marketed under different the trademarks such as “Woudenbron”, “Frytsjam” and “Wrâldfrucht”.

Most of our products are sugar free. We only use fruitsugar, chicorei or concentrated apple juice. We also reduce waist by using the whole berry or fruit. When the juice has been squeezed out of the fruits the pulp, seeds and peel will be dried and used for such products as berrytea, mustard and buckthornscrub.

Frytsjam products are mostly made by people with social of mental disabilities.
All the more reason to by our tasty product!

In his spare time Oane Kloosterman is an fanatic mudflack hiker. He has shown many people the beauty of the shallow Waddensea area.